Translation and Interpreting services in:

English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Hungarian, Russian, Czech, Slovak, Polish, Dutch, Croatian, Serbian, and many other languages (for more information, please contact us)

Assistance in Business Incorporation

  • drafting business related documentation
  • registration of businesses with the Slovak Companies Register
  • cooperation with employment and recruitment agencies in Slovakia

Medical Translation and Interpreting

Your medical practice cannot afford to miscommunicate vital information dealing with the personal health of individuals, therefore we offer services related to translation and interpreting of your medical documentation

Escort Services

The interpreter accompanies a person or a group of people on a visit, to a meeting or interview and usually delivers more informal conversations

Sign Language Interpreting

The interpreter communicates with people who are deaf or hard of hearing, using sign language. It is also used to communicate by people who can hear, but who cannot speak or have speech difficulties.

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